About Turning Point Recovery Center

Turning Point Recovery Center facilityTurning Point Peer Recovery Support Center connects individuals looking towards recovery to make their own decisions, to receive support, resources, and encouragement for all paths of recovery.

We host weekly peer community meetings, where we collectively decide on recovery activities, community groups, and center policies to develop a safe, supportive, and inclusive culture.

Everyone participating at the Center has a voice that is heard, and an active role in maintaining and enhancing the identity of the center.

What We Do

Turning Point Recovery Center facility

  • Turning Point Recovery Support Center exists to provide individuals in recovery from substance use disorder (as well as families and loved ones affected by addiction) an opportunity to both offer and receive support.
  • We support multiple pathways of recovery, provide hope, and promote wellness.
  • Turning Point Peer Recovery Support Center is peer driven and staff guided largely on a volunteer basis.
  • We offer support through recovery resources, social events, education, wellness groups, recreational activities, and peer-to-peer support groups.
  • We provide members the opportunity to build their own unique, individual, social and community support, and promote long-term recovery from substance use.