Hear from our Members

“Turning Point has created a space where I can do my Reiki practice, we can heal together.”

“Turning Point has help me expand my spirituality and expose me to new mindful practices.”

“Being of service in my community was always just an idea, Turning Point has made it a reality.”

“My favorite thing about Turning Point is how everyone works together as a team and does such a wonderful job of making people feel included.” 😊

“I’ve always liked, “Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations”. People in recovery (or not in recovery like me) find stability, comfort, and friendships at Turning Point-no matter what their struggle is (I have massive struggles on a daily basis, just not substance related!) but I am so glad and honored to be a part of Turning Point and to have met such awesome people!!!”

“I am an older gent who has been through detox and rehab multiple times. I have also relapsed multiple times. These treatments were compartmentalized and didn’t provide any real tools to help me maintain my sobriety. Turning Point embodies the vision and spirit of a genuine peer community. They embrace and care about the whole of my humanity. They are my extended warranty maintenance plan. Never give up!”